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Fastest Way to Make Money Online!!

This is by far the easiest and most powerful wayfor anyone from ANY background to get up and running without having to deal with allthe hard t

There have been a ton of questions coming in asking

You may or may not know this,
but DSD is evolving into a total complete
ecommerce platform. We had an amazing event
this past weekend in Orlando,
Florida to go over the exciting details
about the launch of this evolution - INFINii !!!

For those who weren't at the event...I'll try to explain:

First of all, those of us who are in DSD
can continue what we're doing.

Drop shipping and FBA are still highly lucrative activities,and DSD will continue to be there to teach those activities.

Same site, same prices, same training, same comp plan.
They say why fix something that isn't broken,
and a $2 billion+ sales generating machine
sure isn't broken!

But the truth is that even with all of the
success we've seen, we've only tapped
into a tiny part of ecommerce.
That's where INFINii comes in!

INFINii will be a separate platform
that you can choose whether or
not you want to participate in alongside
DSD or all by itself, without DSD.

It will ultimately allow you to capitalize
and profit off online sales from every direction:

- FBA Product Co-Ops will allow us to use
our massive bargaining power to get brand
name products for extremely low prices.
You'll be able to pick which products
you want to buy a share of.

Selling will occur on the company's Amazon accounts,
and your piece of the profits will be paid biweekly.
Doesn't get any easier than that!
This is really a game changer that nothing else
has ever offered such a plan.

- Product Marketplace:
Again using our membership's size
and massive sales history, we can provide
you with name brand deals where
the products will be warehouse
and dropshipped directly from DSD.

Know a vendor who would benefit
from having our massive sales force on their side?
Refer them to the Marketplace and earn
commissions every time someone sells or
buys their product.

Help your teams be successful and generate
commissions whenever they make
sales within the system as well.

- Digital Marketplace: Have an idea for a digital product
or training you can sell? Know someone else
creates digital content? Again you get paid
whenever a transaction happens.
Affiliate marketers and digital product
creators and consumers will make a killing with this.

- Freelance Marketplace: Have a skill you can
offer to others? Programming, graphic design,
data entry, etc. Let everyone know you're
available for hire. And of course,
you can make money by introducing
other freelancers as well.

- More Training, because training is fun, right?
 Invest in building your business bigger than ever before.

- A Brand New Comp Plan:

Introducing people to this system should no longer be
something you shy away from. You know it works!
The new compensation plan will reward you
not only for referring people,but will continue to do for every action your team does that make them money.

You succeed when they do, and everything will
generate you volume in the comp plan.
Getting paid to actually change people's lives is pretty neat.

In short, INFINii is set to be a massive
ecommerce ecosystem that DSD will simply be one piece of.

This expansion presents everyone with an
unlimited number of possibilities to write your own
story and grow your income to unheard of levels.

So how do you participate?

Alternatively, if you want to join DSD now, this is the link:

I have full confidence in the company,
its owners (Hitesh Juneja, Kevin Hokoana,
and Jason Rose), and the rest of our leadership team.

We've proven that completely average people
(myself included) can make incredible income
following simple, legitimate steps. Why not you?

Those who know me know that I am not all about the hype.
I truly believe this is the one thing you need to
set your financial future on the right track.
Don't Sit This One Out!

Sharon Naraine 

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