Friday, August 26, 2016

Getting a steady flow of affiliate marketing checks!

Getting a steady flow of affiliate marketing checks

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Let me start by saying this, that in affiliate marketing, you probably like me and so many others would want to be the kind of marketer who sees a check when you open your mailbox. All the more if they were some substantial figure on those checks.

It is ironic to know that there are a lot of people who can never make a sale and have never gotten any checks in their affiliate marketing while there are also tons of people who are receiving monthly checks all year long.

Now here is the deal, no matter what kind of affiliate marketing you have, you will definitely want to be in the number to building a stable affiliate income starting right now.

There are actually ways on how to build a good and sound affiliate marketing income. So if you are committed then read on and learn.

1. Identifying a practical market niche. Try to identify the niche market you want to focus on. While there are a lot of those out there, not all are easy to infiltrate. More often than not, you will end up losing more money than gaining some in the first place. So do your homework, ask, find out, get referrals is a great way to start.

2. Find a stable affiliate program that offers the niche market you want. Search over the internet for this program. Make sure that you find the company that helps their affiliates through advice and tools needed for affiliate marketing. These are the types who wants your success over anything else. Do your due diligence, you will find them, they are out there.

3. Have your own site and create a newsletter with content-rich information that focuses on your niche market. A website is necessary in affiliate marketing. This is where people will go to find what your offering is and if interesting, then you have a winner if not many. This is also where you can tell them about other features of your business and before real professional at it as time goes by.

4. Make sure your target audience gets to your site and get them to sign up for your newsletter. You can do this by trying to differ from the way other people are advertising their affiliate marketing. Be unique. Think of creative ways to make people go to your site and check you out. Give away free contents of great value in exchange of their name and email address. This will help you build your funnel.

5. Get them to buy from you. The ones going to your affiliate site should be ready to buy from you. Present them with an offer they will find tempting so they will not be able to resist, perhaps some discounts. Just be creative.  

There are a lot of sites you can look into that are offering affiliate programs. Take note that some of them are good and some are not. Do your research so you can distinguish which ones will be best for you. If not, you are just wasting your time. As much as you are in a hurry, spend some quality time and do your research first before jumping into any programs especially where a lot of money is concern.

Below are some tips in finding a program that will give you the profit you have always dreamed of.

1. Look for one that is targeting your chosen niche market.

If your niche is about beauty products, you may want to give them tutorials on how to take care of their skin or body. Your products or services must be related to maintaining and preserving beauty.
It is also better if you can present testimonials from people who have used your products. This will give credibility to what is being presented.

2. Consider the commission you will be getting.

Sending an email to your list will cost you. Think of it this way. When you send an email, you send out a recommendation on some of the products offered. This is basically called an opportunity cost. So if you try to compute all that you have sent, that will be the cost you incurred.

Now, have those persons you emailed bought from you? If they did, then it was worth the advertising sent. But if not, that will be deducted from you. You just have to bang it out right.

Be certain that the commission offered to you justifies and makes up for the cost of advertising you went through. You would not want to be spending more on advertising than the amount of commission you are receiving. Make sure that it is fair enough. Do your Math.

3. Inspect the product yourself. Do not start recommending something you are not certain about. Try to at least examine them to know if they are any good and worth recommending to others. 

How will you make your customers believe in your product when you yourself do not? Put yourself in their place and see if you would be interested in availing one of your product or service. In other words be a product of the product.
Now with that being said, I would like to share one of my program that has helped me to generate over 500 leads in just a few short months. 

These leads you can use them for any business. They come with names, emails, and phone number. This means you can do an emailing campaign or like me, I do it the old fashion way and called them. 

I find that these leads are very responsive. You can do the free version or you can do the paid ones by which of course it’s a 100% commission.  You can enjoy leads for life.

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Why Choose Affiliate Marketing as your Online Business

Why Choose Affiliate Marketing as your Online Business 

Okay here I am again, just giving you great value, hope you enjoy my blog.
First of all, there are many businesses coming out today Online. You might have seen a website selling ebooks or different kinds of services among the many. With so many online businesses coming out with selling the same products, these businesses cannot succeed with proper advertising as you can imagine.

Aaaaah!!! this is where you come in. The magic starts right here. You can now offer to advertise for them or sign up as an affiliate. Either one will be beneficial to your pocket book one way or another.

An affiliate program works by giving you a commission for every product they sold to every referral you directed to their website. Some affiliate programs will offer pay per click. These differ to each its own. Like as I mention, either way it’s going to benefit your bottom dollar.

This means that if a visitor from your website clicks the link or banner of the company you posted in your site, they will pay you, or if different people or users of your website make the clicks.

Since there are so many online businesses wanting to sign up websites as an affiliate, you will never run out of clients. There will always be new online businesses that will open up. If you do affiliate marketing right, you will never lose and you will always be in profit mode.

Affiliate marketing can be such a great business, especially for people who are considering starting an online business at from their comfort of their home. With good internet traffic, your earnings in affiliate programs can be enough to make ends meet and even surplus. People are 6-7 figure earners with affiliate marketing. You can be one too.  

Affiliate marketing is a great business for every type of people. Whether you are an average person with a regular job or a student who wants to make extra cash. If you are a stay at home parent who wants to help with the household expenses, affiliate marketing is just perfect the perfect way to start.

Affiliate marketing allows you to start your home business right away. This is a sweet deal.

All you need is a website and an investment of a little time, a little effort and a little money to get good internet traffic in your website. Sometimes if you are good in promoting your website, you need to invest no money at all. It all depends on your work habit, kick gear into that mindset that no matter what comes your way, you are determined to succeed. It’s how bad you want it.

Here are some of the reasons why affiliate marketing can be a great business:

To start with, you need no actual products or services to sell. Most people start their online business selling products or services; this can lead to spending more money, depending on what type of product or service they sell.

In affiliate marketing, all you have to do is create a website with specific topic and post a link of your affiliate that sells products or services that is relevant to your website topic. For example, you can create a website that discusses fishing equipment’s. You then put up a link in your website of other websites that sells different kinds of deep sea fishing equipment’s.

Depending on what kind of website you set up, you need no actual customer service. This means you have no need to employ people, therefore, saving money for salary and of course, office space.

You are your own boss. In addition, since that is the case, you get to choose what website you want to sign up as an affiliate. Remember that you have to choose a business that suits your website. No conflict of Interest when choosing your website theme etc.

Affiliate marketing can give you lots of free time. What you need to do is just set up your website, advertise it and set up your affiliate program. After that, you have all the time in the world to do whatever pleases you.  Spending quality, precious time with your family and loved ones.

However, you should also check your website and update it from time to time to keep visitors interested in your website. For example, your affiliate’s products have upgraded, you also need to update your topics regarding the new features and products. Keep the juice flowing!!!!

Once you have a good amount of internet traffic and subscriber list, you become an affiliate magnet. Businesses who depend largely on affiliate marketing to promote internet traffic to their website will often offer you to sign up for them as an affiliate. Sometimes, some businesses will even offer you a bonus by just signing you up as an affiliate. This would be grand.

These are just some of the reasons why affiliate marketing is a great business. There are many possibilities in affiliate marketing. All you have to do is be creative in promoting your website. Try to advertise your website by writing articles and posting them in article publishing websites, this is a great way to increase targeted internet traffic in your website. To me this is by far the best one.

In addition, keep in mind that internet traffic means more visitors who will likely buy the products your affiliate program is promoting.

For you to be successful in this field, make your website as attractive as possible. You not only have to get good web traffic but you also need keep visitors coming back again.
Kudos to all who read my blog and take away golden tips.
Want to know what I do to build my list, please feel free to check out the program that helps me to generate over 500 leads in such a short period of time.
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Sharon Naraine

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fastest Way to Make Money Online!!

This is by far the easiest and most powerful wayfor anyone from ANY background to get up and running without having to deal with allthe hard t

There have been a ton of questions coming in asking

You may or may not know this,
but DSD is evolving into a total complete
ecommerce platform. We had an amazing event
this past weekend in Orlando,
Florida to go over the exciting details
about the launch of this evolution - INFINii !!!

For those who weren't at the event...I'll try to explain:

First of all, those of us who are in DSD
can continue what we're doing.

Drop shipping and FBA are still highly lucrative activities,and DSD will continue to be there to teach those activities.

Same site, same prices, same training, same comp plan.
They say why fix something that isn't broken,
and a $2 billion+ sales generating machine
sure isn't broken!

But the truth is that even with all of the
success we've seen, we've only tapped
into a tiny part of ecommerce.
That's where INFINii comes in!

INFINii will be a separate platform
that you can choose whether or
not you want to participate in alongside
DSD or all by itself, without DSD.

It will ultimately allow you to capitalize
and profit off online sales from every direction:

- FBA Product Co-Ops will allow us to use
our massive bargaining power to get brand
name products for extremely low prices.
You'll be able to pick which products
you want to buy a share of.

Selling will occur on the company's Amazon accounts,
and your piece of the profits will be paid biweekly.
Doesn't get any easier than that!
This is really a game changer that nothing else
has ever offered such a plan.

- Product Marketplace:
Again using our membership's size
and massive sales history, we can provide
you with name brand deals where
the products will be warehouse
and dropshipped directly from DSD.

Know a vendor who would benefit
from having our massive sales force on their side?
Refer them to the Marketplace and earn
commissions every time someone sells or
buys their product.

Help your teams be successful and generate
commissions whenever they make
sales within the system as well.

- Digital Marketplace: Have an idea for a digital product
or training you can sell? Know someone else
creates digital content? Again you get paid
whenever a transaction happens.
Affiliate marketers and digital product
creators and consumers will make a killing with this.

- Freelance Marketplace: Have a skill you can
offer to others? Programming, graphic design,
data entry, etc. Let everyone know you're
available for hire. And of course,
you can make money by introducing
other freelancers as well.

- More Training, because training is fun, right?
 Invest in building your business bigger than ever before.

- A Brand New Comp Plan:

Introducing people to this system should no longer be
something you shy away from. You know it works!
The new compensation plan will reward you
not only for referring people,but will continue to do for every action your team does that make them money.

You succeed when they do, and everything will
generate you volume in the comp plan.
Getting paid to actually change people's lives is pretty neat.

In short, INFINii is set to be a massive
ecommerce ecosystem that DSD will simply be one piece of.

This expansion presents everyone with an
unlimited number of possibilities to write your own
story and grow your income to unheard of levels.

So how do you participate?

Alternatively, if you want to join DSD now, this is the link:

I have full confidence in the company,
its owners (Hitesh Juneja, Kevin Hokoana,
and Jason Rose), and the rest of our leadership team.

We've proven that completely average people
(myself included) can make incredible income
following simple, legitimate steps. Why not you?

Those who know me know that I am not all about the hype.
I truly believe this is the one thing you need to
set your financial future on the right track.
Don't Sit This One Out!

Sharon Naraine 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Why Worry Just Be Happy: Time Wasted Can Never Be Regain

Why Worry Just Be Happy: Time Wasted Can Never Be Regain: Time Wasted Can Never Be Regain
Today more than ever it is critical that we take control over our schedules, rather than letting our schedules control us.

Time shifting technologies like, such as email, text messaging, and dvr's have empowered us to perform tasks or enjoy entertainment on our terms and on our own schedule.

 These same technologies have also allowed us to avoid or postpone decisions on what is important, and sometimes left us trying to do everything in an attempt to never make the choice between good and better.

Likewise, social networks have given us the ability to maintain personal relationships that would otherwise stagnate or die.

 Social networks can be fabulously empowering, allowing for groups of like minded people to rapidly self organize and achieve some fantastic things.

At the same time, it allows us the possibility to empty our days of productive time while trying to make small talk with what an endless supply of people.

The key here for us today is to know when to say no
and what to say no to.

Make it a point to regularly review what you are spending your time on to make sure that it reflects the goals you have set for yourself and the values you hold.

Learn to be thrifty with your time, it is the most valuable thing you have.

"Wealth is the Product of our Capacity to Think" - Ayn Rand

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ph: 352-404-7343

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