Friday, January 29, 2016

Why Worry Just Be Happy: Time Wasted Can Never Be Regain

Why Worry Just Be Happy: Time Wasted Can Never Be Regain: Time Wasted Can Never Be Regain
Today more than ever it is critical that we take control over our schedules, rather than letting our schedules control us.

Time shifting technologies like, such as email, text messaging, and dvr's have empowered us to perform tasks or enjoy entertainment on our terms and on our own schedule.

 These same technologies have also allowed us to avoid or postpone decisions on what is important, and sometimes left us trying to do everything in an attempt to never make the choice between good and better.

Likewise, social networks have given us the ability to maintain personal relationships that would otherwise stagnate or die.

 Social networks can be fabulously empowering, allowing for groups of like minded people to rapidly self organize and achieve some fantastic things.

At the same time, it allows us the possibility to empty our days of productive time while trying to make small talk with what an endless supply of people.

The key here for us today is to know when to say no
and what to say no to.

Make it a point to regularly review what you are spending your time on to make sure that it reflects the goals you have set for yourself and the values you hold.

Learn to be thrifty with your time, it is the most valuable thing you have.

"Wealth is the Product of our Capacity to Think" - Ayn Rand

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